Please, understand that due to client protection the project list below is anonymous. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in further information on a particular project. This list represents only a part of my projects.

Branch: Power Supply
Client: National und überregional agierender Energieversorger
Project: Requirements engineering and conception of document management system
Topics: conception, consulting, document management, requirements engineering, SAP
  2016 - 2022
Branch: Public Sector
Client: International institution for the supervision of financial institutions
Project: I coordinate, design and introduce the integration of a document management and a records management system with a data-leading ERP system. I envisage a solution strategy and provide a coaching for the simplification and optimization of the solution.
Topics: analysis, consulting, document management, implementation, OpenText, project managment, records management, requirements engineering, SAP
  2016 - 2017
Branch: Industrial Sector
Client: International player providing supply chain products
Project: I designed, implemented an led the project of introducing a document management system.
Topics: coaching, conception, consulting, document management, OpenText, project managment, requirements engineering, SAP