I have been a consultant since 1998. My fields of experience are:

  • Defining technical and organisational demands and analizing problems on the basis of process models; identifying requirements; demarcating the peripheral conditions as well as the influential factors on current and future solutions
  • Developing, drafting and planning solutions models; developing a strategy and an economic analysis for possible solution models
  • Selecting products and compiling suitable product and function packages as well as evaluating products including planning and implementing testing laboratories

Consulting Competence

  • Detailed drafting to introduce, run and optimise DMS and ECM solutions, particularly:
    • Filing structures for digital document management, digital files
    • Metadata and data flow models for digital document management
    • Email input and output solutions on the basis of input management (OCR&ICR) and output management (print on demand)
    • Document lifecycle (records management)
    • User and group concepts to organise DMS and ECM solutions
    • Permissions concept for using DMS and ECM solutions
    • Planning of the infrastructure and architecture for integrating DMS and ECM in already existing IT landscape
    • Introductory and training concepts
    • Operations management and service level agreements
  • Implementing and managing projects on the basis of acknowledged standards (PMI)
  • Assuring and increasing quality by using maturity models (CMMI)