Often the aspired solutions are very individual but can be integrated in superordinate solution scenarios. Below you find an overview of the solutions, in the planning and implementation of which I would like to support you - independant from the specific product you are operating with:

  • Input solutions: automate your email input by digitalizing, processing and distributing your incoming emails
  • Workflow solutions: structure and model your relevant business processes and automate them by using business process management tools

Solutions Competence

  • Solutions for electronic files:
    • By using contract management you gain control over your contracts, you reduce the risk to disregard deadlines and you obtain an overview of your contracts´ terms.
    • Electronic employee files help you to increase employee retention. Thus you secure your most important resource: the intellectual capital, your staff!
  • Archiving and lifecycle management: by using records management solutions you secure your data efficiently and according to the law. You also create solutions to control the lifecycles of your documents and emails.
  • Intranet, extranet and Websites: make a stronger impression and become clearer by using content management solutions.
  • Knowledge management portals: turn your company into a learning organisation by creating suitable communication and information platforms. Support your staff's daily business by using collaboration tools.
  • Output management solutions: Increase the efficiency of your communication via email, reduce postage and structure your correspondence.