Please, understand that due to client protection the project list below is anonymous. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in further information on a particular project. This list represents only a part of my projects.

  2009 - 2010
Branch: Insurance Sector
Client: insurance company concentrated on life insurance, disability pension and old-age provisions
Project: I was responsible for the requirements managment, process desging and optimisation, solution desing and requirements specificatoin, design of input management and workflow design to establish an enterprise wide ECM platform based on IBM FileNet
Topics: analysis, coaching, conception, consulting, document management, FileNet, input management, project managment, requirements engineering
Branch: Financial Sector
Client: One of the leading German asset managers for private and institutional investors; offers many and diverse financial and fonds services.
Project: I advised the client in the drawing up of a catalogue of demands, I accompanied the selection process for a suitable company to source the input management out.
Topics: analysis, consulting, input management, conception, product selection
  2006 - 2007
Branch: Service Sector
Client: An international provider of systems for digitalizing, input management and document entry.
Project: I implemented an input management process in one of the biggest German asset management companies for private and institutional investors. The project included the design of the OCR solution, coaching and co-ordination, project leading, and quality control.
Topics: consulting, coaching, input management, conception, project managment